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Too many times you'll join a program or buy a system then have questions. The problem then becomes who do I speak with about any issues I may be having. Even if you just want a simple clarification about something it would be nice if you had someone to contact. I've always wondered why some bizops make it so difficult to reach anyone. Some don't even answer the phone or it goes to a recording. Then, when you do find a Customer Service email, it takes days to get an answer. Don't know about you but when I have a question I'd like an answer to it right away. Anyhow...this page was created to help make things more convenient for you. (hopefully)

Your CannaGlobe ContactLisa Gaw  Phone Number: 502.386.0860  Email:  

All other Programs Contact Donald Gaw   Phone Number:  502.608.9055 or Voicemail use:  833.donaldg (366.2534)  Email:  

If you need to call we are mostly available from 8am to 8pm in the Eastern U.S. time-zone 7 days weekly. Feel free to Text us anytime.

Here's Direct Access to each Program: (You will usually have quicker answers to any question if you call us first.)

CANNAGLOBE:  Your Sponsor is Lisa Gaw. Lisa's link to our CG Site:

Office Hours: Monday – Friday; 10AM – 3PM Central. Closed on US Holidays. Email:  Phone: 1-833-722-8339 Address: 15511 Hwy 71 West Suite 110, #420 Bee Cave, TX 78738.   There's free training and weekly calls plus, Lisa is a Certified Corp. Trainer with Cannaglobe and she can help you big time! Email or call her for Call Times and Zoom Links.

JOBOPP TRAFFIC SOURCES:   Your Sponsor is Donald Gaw ID: dg9055  

Our JobOpp Site.  Questions? Address: 1358 Hooper Ave. Suite 312, Toms River NJ 08753, USA  Phone: 732.864.1589 

WorldProfit:    Your Sponsor would be Donald Gaw  ID: 65425 

Link to join for free:   or Use our Free Classified Site at:  You have to become a free member to use the WorldProfit Support System or their Live Chat. If you do have questions just contact me and I will answer them. 

The Wellness Company:    Your Sponsor would be Donald or Lisa  ID: 107248041   To Learn more about Melaleuca use this link to access:  or this link:  If you see the wisdom in protecting your home, your family and your health and if you want to also save money then this is for you. They have been in business since 1985 and are a $2 Billion/yr Family Owned U.S. Company with over 2 Million Members. Join us and receive free training. It would be a pleasure to have you on our team. Address is: Melaleuca, Inc., 4609 West 65th South, Idaho Falls, ID 83402