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Wellness has never mattered more. With all the Quarantines and worries about additional strains of virus's a safe home and good health and a strong immune system are more important than ever. It's important for you to know that the products you bring into your home and use daily play a huge roll in your family's wellness.

There are many reasons why we've aligned with this company.

First of is the Manufacturer of 400+ wellness products and they are Made in America assuring strict quality control standards. These products are formulated, manufactured, and packaged in America from naturally derived ingredients. 99% are made in the U.S. and 1% are made in Canada.

Secondly...the company is stable. It was started in 1985 and is family owned and debt free. It is headquartered in Idaho with annual sales of more than $2 Billion. Their mission statement says it all: 'To enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.'

Thirdly...when tested against the major store brands these products are safer, more effective, and more affordable. As to pricing, national brands spend money on advertising, middlemen, marketing, and shipping to retail stores. We developed a better way. No money is spent on advertising, middlemen, retail stores, or marketing. Instead we put that money into higher-quality and safer ingredients. That's why our products are safer, much healthier and do a better job. And...we share our revenues with our members.

Fourth...there's no burden on your family budget. All you have to do is simply Switch Stores! It's the same dollars, better spent on higher quality, more effective, safer for your home, and better for the environment products. The bottom line is...much better value for you and your family. National brands can be caustic and contain toxic chemicals. Our products have no chlorine bleach, no ammonia, no phosphates, no parabens, no formaldehyde, no abrasives. And, unlike the national brands we aren't mostly water. Why pay for water at the store when you can add it for free from the tap.

Did you know, for example, that Windex Original is 94% water. Lysol all purpose cleaner is 94% water. Mr. Clean Multi-Surface is 91% water. Formula 409 Multi-Surface is 91% water. Just to name a few. I could go on and on here but you get the point. Some national cleaners have been linked to Lung Damage! Even your toothpaste has a warning to call a poison control center right away if you happen to swallow to much of it!

Fifth...a huge selection of products. There's plant based disinfectants, supplements for heart health, the immune system, bone and joint health, brain health, antiaging, gut health, sleep and mood and more. Our nutrition products have been clinically proven to be 10x more absorbable than national brands. We have personal care products, dental care, skin lotions, sunscreen deodorant and hand sanitizers. There's a complete laundry system. Also, a complete beauty line with skin care, salon-quality hair care and color cosmetics for your lips, nails, eyes and face.

And more...we have essential oils, fitness nutrition, weight management, healthy snacks, home fragrance, and we're vegan friendly and have Kosher-certified products.

Sixth...we also offer many money savings Services. There's home security and automation. Advanced identity protection and insurance. Our Visa card gives up to 6% back in loyalty dollars. 

And the best part...membership is less than $20 per year.  We have a 100% guarantee and you can cancel at any time. You can even share our story with others and participate in our revenue sharing program.

We don't carry inventory. We don't take orders or make deliveries. We are not distributors. We are not multilevel marketing. There is no billing or collections. No pressuring customers to make purchases. No risk. We simply refer customers to our site. Would an extra bit of money make a difference for your family? Just so you know...these products are so well received that 96% of them shop again next month.

Bottom can create a safe, non-toxic, healthy home environment for your entire family by just being a customer or; you can also earn some extra income as well...your choice. Here's the site: Click Here

We hope this information has been helpful to you. If you have any questions our contact information is on our home page. Call, text or email anytime.

All the safe!

Donald and Lisa Gaw


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